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Personal Coaching

Wellness by Soraida help clients with Lifestyle choices. She listens and provides her clients with tools that are achievable and substainable. Soraida focuses on where they are now and helps them move forward by creating the future they desire.

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21 Days Raw Food Program

Whether you’re struggling with a specific issue or just want to create healthier habits, this program will provide you with menu options, knowledge, and guidelines to create healthy, gluten free, plant based meals.
PLUS 60 Easy Recipes Program for FREE!

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  • Annie

    I was experiencng insomnia, fatigue, and hot flashes due to menopause.  As I browse Facebook I came across Soraida's page and saw her program .  At the time I needed to try something to improve sleep, give me more energy, help with weight loss, and hot flashes.  I reached out Soraida and she was a breath of fresh air.  She answered all my questions and was extremely helpful.  Just after a short few weeks on being on her program I was able to sleep through the night, felt energized, loss weight, and thank god no more hot flashes.  I achieved my ideal weight without counting calories!   

  • Letisha
    Soraida came into my life and the perfect time. I was overweight and not sure how to start eating healthy. What an amazing experience! After 7 months of clean eating, I lost 70 pounds. I've never felt more alive, confident, and sexy! She is amazing, kind, patient, and smart. As my coach she motivated me to keep going. I'll never look back!

About Wellness by Soraida

Are you feeling stuck, unhappy or unsure what your purpose in life is? Do you need someone to hold you accountable? Are you looking to lose weight, maintain weight, balance hormones, sleep better, have a healthier gut, feel and look 10 years younger? As a Lifestyle & Wellness Coach I will guide you through the areas you feel you need help with. I combine my Lifestyle Coaching & Wellness Coaching so I am able to provide all areas of life. We will tackle all of these areas together.

My name is Soraida Alma, and I am 53 years YOUNG! I am a Lifestyle & Wellness Coach. As a Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, I will help you reach your highest potential. Together we will create goals that are realistic, achievable, and lasting. As your coach, I will guide you and help you explore all areas in your life. I will be your own personal support system, cheerleader, and friend. I have relationships with all my clients. I do not see a client as just as client, I see them as a friend. I want them to feel comfortable and know that my goal is to make sure they achieve theirs.

My mission is Empowering Women no matter what size or shape you are in. It’s all about loving the skin that you are in and creating a healthier lifestyle. I do not believe in one size fits all. We are all different, and have different goals. We will work together and find out what is the best for YOU. What works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for you.

I used to suffer from weight gain, hormonal imbalance, adult acne, infertility, joint pain, confidence and so much more that I just knew I had to make changes, and so I did. I have always had a passion for helping women create a healthy lifestyle, not DIET.

I would love to help you create a better lifestyle, to love the skin you are in, to feel happier, and look better than you ever have. Age is just a number! If you have the passion, consistency, and motivation, then you can achieve anything. I love this saying. “Believe You Can & You’re Halfway There”

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DISCLAIMER OF HEALTH CARE RELATED SERVICES Soraida Alma encourages her you/her client’s to continue to visit and to be treated by his/her healthcare professionals, including, without limitation, a physician. Understand that Soraida Alma is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, licensed dietician-nutritionist, psychologist or other licensed or registered professional. Accordingly, that you understand that Soraida Alma is not providing health care, medical or nutrition therapy services and will not diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body.