Personal Coaching

Are you ready to make some big changes?

Wellness by Soraida help clients with Lifestyle choices.  She listens and provides her clients with tools that are achievable and substainable.  Soraida focuses on where they are now and helps them move forward by creating the future they desire.  Soraida will guide you through the pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Approach

Are you feeling stuck, unhappy or unsure what your purpose in life is?  Do you need someone to hold you accountable? Are you looking to lose weight, maintain weight, balance hormones, sleep better, have a healthier gut, feel and look 10 years younger? As a Lifestyle & Wellness Coach I will guide you through the areas you feel you need help with.  I combine my Lifestyle Coaching & Wellness Coaching so I am able to provide all areas of life.

We will tackle all of these areas together:


• Career – Confusion, Clarity, & Satisfaction
• Body Image – Distorted Eating, Confidence, Body Language, acceptance
• Relationships – Friends & Family, Marriage & Divorce, Sufficient Other
• Happiness – Eliminate Stress and Anxiety, Think & Feel Positive, How to Management Negative Thoughts
• Communication – Confrontation, Feelings & Difficult Conversations, How to Communicate with love ones
• Meditation – We will meditate together to release unwanted stress
• Affirmations – You will get weekly affirmations to help you create a positive mind and lifestyle


• Maintain a healthy living lifestyle for you and your family.
• Weekly Suggested Meal Plans along with recipes.  We will work together on a plan that is suitable for you.  I believe in bio-individuality.  There is no one program that fits all.  This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.
• Self-Care – What products to stay away from that can cause hormonal disruptions
• Self-Love
• How to detoxify your home

We will have bi-weekly coaching calls via Skype, FaceTime , Phone or in person if you live in the Queens or Manhattan area.  Unlimited emails in between call sessions.

If I can help you in any way to meet your nutrition and mindset changes, let me know. Feel free to book a complimentary consultation below.

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