10 Epic Smoothie Bowls to Jumpstart Your Morning


Every fitness freak out there, turn on your blenders.
This delicious new trend popping up all over Instagram and Facebook news feeds. These “smoothie bowls” offer the best of both worlds with the convenience, taste, and texture of a smoothie while filling the stomach when compared to common beverages.
Not only does the smoothie provide convenience, it is undoubtedly a healthy replacement to a regular meal. Beyond that, making a smoothie bowl is as easy as turning on the blender.
Mold your meal into a piece of art by pouring the thick creamy smoothie into your favorite bowl and lavish it with inspiring topping. Your bowl is loaded with nutrients when the right ingredients are chosen. Smoothie bowls are like soft ice cream sundaes. However, they give you full nutrition and an everyday treat without the guilt of gaining pounds. With an enormous amount of flavor possibilities, smoothie bowls can be your favorite breakfast choice or even snacks.

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